“Rick Hanna has been doing inspections for me for at least 20 years with three different companies. He is an understanding person looking out for his clients best interest. He is always a phone call away and will help with any situations that come up.”

- Grant Bailey

Tommy Bailey Homes, Inc

“I have worked with Rick & Elias for several years and find them to be reliable and willing to work within our schedules. It’s great that Elias is fluent in Spanish and is able to communicate with the trades.”

- Jorge Guerrero

Titan Foundations, LLC


“I’ve been associated with Rick Hanna for at least 15 years in new home construction, remodeling and home additions. He is prompt with all his communications and always conducts his business in a professional manner that is second to none.”

- Jeff Thayer

Owner of Well Done Building Projects

I have sponsored over two dozen apprentices over the years and although Eli is not in a class by himself, it doesn’t take long to call roll. Eli approached me about getting into the construction world and worked very hard to learn the building code, paying his own way for prep courses and examination fees. Not many would be willing to ride with me for over a year and put up with my relentless schooling. He is driven to learn and share his knowledge with others. Some folks may say that I am rigid, harsh and critical, but Eli is able to communicate with customers in both Spanish and English and smooth ruffled feathers. The best thing that his parents did was to teach him a strong work ethic. He is one of the very few that made it through my rigorous training program and obtain the Residential Combination Inspector certification on his own. I am proud to now have him as my partner.

- Rick Hanna, CBO


Rick Hanna is doing an excellent job of building inspection for the multifaceted buildings in Montgomery. Whether it be a standalone single-family house or the new 140,500 ft.² Kroger grocery store Rick knows the building construction field so well that he can deal with each of those extremes. Rick coordinates well with myself and our staff – – all while keeping the customer/builder satisfied as well. Rick is very timely on his inspections and in my three and half years I have never had a call about a failed inspection that he did not properly explain to the contractor. He also was Chairman of our Building Code Review Committee that resulted in several minor changes to the standard codes. As the Chairman he worked well with the tradesmen and citizens on the Committee and made an excellent presentation to the City Council regarding the revisions. Overall, I would give Rick a 10 out of 10 rating for the quality, concern and thoroughness of his inspection services to the City.

- Jack Yates 

Montgomery City Administrator